Perspective, patience and persistence
(President Carles Puigdemont)

At present, Catalonia is one of the most followed countries in the world. Unfortunately, this situation isn’t due to the work of the National Catalan Assembly (ANC), but rather as a result of the violent and repressive intervention of Spain both during and after the 1st October Catalonian independence referendum.

The majority of Catalonians voted in favour of independence but Spanish authorities have ignored the democratic process and have incarcerated half the Catalan government and leaders of the ANC and Omnium.

At a time when Catalan democracy is under attack by Spain and this isn’t a matter of concern to the EU, NATO and UN, the independence movement in Catalonia needs to remain strong and work together up to the snap election on 21st December and support the strikes, demonstrations and protests that have been organised by Omnium Cultural and the ANC.

Although we may be able to fight an election, we can’t fight Spanish violence so a major demonstration has been arranged for 7th December outside the European Parliament to make our voices heard against Spanish repression and for more democracy in the heart of Europe.

Catalonia voted for Independence on 1st October – we will increase the Sì vote on 21st December and we will win again.

Marc Duch and Jordi McArthur