ANC-Scotland hands over a petition to the First Minister of Scotland to support the vote in Catalonia

On Tuesday 4th November ANC-Scotland has presented at the Scottish Government a petition signed by 344 citizens resident in Scotland to support the right of the Catalan people to hold a vote on its own political future.

Handing petition to Scottish Government
Handing petition to Scottish Government

Following the Scottish referendum, the parliament and the people of Catalonia are determined at solving the political conflict through an open public debate and a democratic vote. However, despite the great support that this vote holds among society (including 80% of the parliament, 96% of the municipalities, 80% of population according to various polls, the high levels of mobilisation) the Spanish government is determined to block it at all costs.

9th of November was the date agreed between Catalan political parties, responding to the explicit popular demand. Last September a Catalan law ruling popular consultations was passed to back the non-binding vote. The Spanish government used the Constitutional court to suspend this law and thus stop this consultation. This is why the Catalan government decided to make this consultation not through a referendum but by a so-called citizenship participation process. This is what Catalans are called on the 9th November: to freely participate and give the opinion on a very particular matter; the form, responding the same clear question on ballot boxes (although this format will obviously not allow an electoral register). However, after the increasing acceptance of the Catalan society on this alternative consultation (even clearly not the preferred) has motivated the Spanish government to suspend this process through the Constitutional court again.

The petition presented to the First Minister is part of a global campaign to gather support for a democratic vote in Catalonia. The same text of the petition is being signed all over the world. The signatories believe that the Catalan people have the right to be consulted on a democratic vote on whether Catalonia should remain part of Spain or should and independent country; that this decision need only be taken by the Catalan population; and that the Catalan society have explicitly and unequivocally demanded this vote. As the Spanish government fails at recognising this right, internationalisation is very important and the signatories thus petition to support the holding of the vote and to make the required efforts to ensure that its result is respected with the principles of democracy.


One thought on “ANC-Scotland hands over a petition to the First Minister of Scotland to support the vote in Catalonia

  1. VIRAL CATALÀ! 100.000 visites en 40 dies-> W.A.MOZART i la CATALUNYA INDEPENDENT….
    Mozart va escriure aixó per celebrar la INDEPENDENCIA DE CATALUNYA. De debó. Escolteu!!!

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