Catalans and Scots in Glasgow gather in support of Catalan vote

Around 80 people, including Catalans and Scots have gathered on Sunday 2nd November to form a human mosaic of the Catalan flag, in a supportive demonstration to the right of the Catalan people to have a vote on its own future.

George Square, Glasgow, has been the place chosen for the organisation of a human mosaic to form a Estelada (pro-independence Catalan flag). The event was co-organised by ANC-England and ANC-Scotland (branches in these countries of the Catalan association working for Catalonia’s independence). Within the participants there was a fair split of Catalans living in Glasgow and Scots who gave a very strong support to the democratic difficulty that Catalonia is facing. The event happened smoothly and conveyed a very respectful and positive message; from “volem votar” (we want to vote) catalans have tuned a decisive “votarem” (we will vote), and George Square also heard some “let them vote” and “independence” shouts.


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