[Updated] Popular Catalan Barbecue in Scotland

March 23rd of 2014, at Craigmillar Arts Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Calçotada, Popular Catalan Barbecue.

Organized by Catalan Assembly in Scotland (ANC Scotland). We are delighted to announce a Popular Catalan Barbecue in Edinburgh. It will be in Craigmillar Arts Centre in Edinburgh (Scotland) the next March 23rd, starting at 12.30 p.m.

Tickets available and more information at: https://ancescocia.wordpress.com/calcotada





  • Ticket with calçots: £15
  • Ticket without calçots: £5
  • Ticket without calçots (under 16s): free



One thought on “[Updated] Popular Catalan Barbecue in Scotland

  1. Dear Scottish friends I’m Eduard Casas and I’m the coordinator for a region in northern Catalonia, the Alt Empordà, for the Catalan National Assembly. For further information read the link: http://www.facebook.com/l/IAQELkD0JAQEyGhrDJ2YenLqKrWlxKqPh6bUtK7P_DU4Zsw/catalanassembly.org/cna/

    Having said that by way of introduction, we propose a joint mobilization between Scottish and Catalan people. We will open our homes and welcome you asking for protection and solidarity to the many European countries that have achieved sovereignty in the last 100 years, since they can better understand what we are going through, the problems that come our way and the help needed in our decision.We would live together those days, accompanied by our symbols and the warmth of our benchmarks. It’s a proposal that we are making from Catalonia, the world needs to know our determination and how we interchange our solidarity and enhance our convictions. It would be fantastic to return the visit and repeat in your country this act of reassurance.
    It is a proposal on the table and shortly we would specify with the various associations in Scotland.
    We thought that this exchange could be done during the August holidays and would do our utmost to make the journey as well as the stay as economical as possible in order that these days are open to everyone who wants to participate.
    We are currently interested to hear your suggestions and guidelines about communication teams to enable logistic team in Scotland.

    Catalan National Assembly
    As part of the Catalan National Assembly, we are working to gather international support for the ongoing process of democratic and peaceful self-determination of Catalonia.

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