November 9, 2014 will be the symbol for our freedom

The Catalan National Assembly thinks the independence referèndum question is a good one and is determined to work for a Yes vote for the independence of Catalonia

Carme Forcadell: “November 9, 2014 will be the symbol for our freedom”

The Catalan National Assembly (ANC) considers that the agreement reached today among the parliamentary groups that arè in favor of the right to decide is a very positive one. The community group, which organized the human chain for independence last September 11th, reaffirmed its commitment to defend the vote on the referèndum for independence set for November 9, 2014 and to follow through on the democràtic process of Catalonia’s self-determination.

The president of the ANC, Carme Forcadell, said that the group thinks that the referendum question and the date are very good, especially because the question asks explicitly about independence and will be held in 2014, both points considered non-negotiable by the ANC. Forcadell also noted that “the political parties have come to a consensus and they have done so before the deadline”.

The questions of the referendum in Catalonia have been announced this afternoon. The Catalans will have two questions to answer:

-Do you want that Catalonia becomes a state?

Those who answer yes to the first question, may answer the second question

-Do you want that Catalonia becomes an independent state?

Forcadell pointed out that November 9, 2014 will be the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and that this date will be a “symbol for our freedom”. Finally, she said that the Assembly has always worked for a Yes vote, in a positive way, and from now on, it will work for a “Yes and Yes” vote.

With respect to the legality of the referendum, the ANC noted that many Spanish academics have demonstrated that it is legally possible to hold a referendum, and there are various legal frameworks for holding it if the political will exists to do so. In addition, Forcadell said that “in a democratic society, it’s not the laws that determine the will of the citizens, but rather it is this will that creates and modifies the laws.” “The Spanish State uses the Constitution, it interprets it restrictively against the rights of the citizens of Catalonia.” “Democracy reigns supreme over legality. In all the countries in the world it is legality that adapts itself to democràtic legitimacy,” she concluded.




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