‘Call it by its name: Democracy’ – Major Catalan newspaper editorial (in English version)


Major Catalan newspaper with editorial in English on independence issue: Call it by its name: Democracy.

“Catalonia is at a critical crossroads. After more than a century of building a nation that was based on the tenets of Catalanism, a pluralist political and cultural movement that left behind a legacy of commitment and progress despite the tumultuous history of the 20th century, the country has entered a new phase in order to resolve the endemic disconnection between Catalonia and the Spanish state. Despite the hopeful start of the Transition, Spain’s four decades of democracy have not resolved the territorial dispute. The relationship between Catalonia and Spain has reached a dead end, and the majority of Catalan society has come to the rather bleak realization that it doesn’t have enough strength to change Spain and have it understand Catalonia’s needs regarding self-government, linguistic and national recognition, the economy and the welfare state, co-existence and social cohesion […]”.

Read more here: http://m.ara.cat/opinio/Call-by-its-name-Democracy_0_1022297997.html#.UoEkI_nc1Op





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