Catalan National Assembly of Scotland celebrated Catalan National Day in Edinburgh

Catalan National Assembly of Scotland (ANC) celebrated Catalan National Day last Saturday 9th September in Edinburgh. ANC wanted to show its support to Catalan Independence Referendum that will be held in Catalonia next October 1st. ANC and other Catalan organisations (Colla Castellera d’Edinburgh and Centre Català d’Escòcia) united efforts to mirror the demonstration that will take place in Barcelona City Centre the 11th of Septemer, and that will form a big cross simulating a plus sign. A plus sign that symbolises our will to integrate everyone in a new country . Also an affirmative answer to the question if we “want Catalonia to be an independent country in the form of a republic” that will be asked to Catalan people next October.

The celebration started at 12pm at The Meadows in Edinburgh with Colla Castellera d’Edinburgh doing a human tower exhibition and a workshop where Scottish people could learn a little bit more and try this centenary tradition. After the workshop there was a taste of Catalan traditional food and Catalan beer.

At 3pm ANC gathered around 50 people behind a big banner with the message “We want to decide our future. We will vote” printed in top of both Catalan and Scottish flag. Big signs with the word “Sí” were also displayed to show support to Catalan Independence.

The whole event was broadcasted live thanks to Independence Live who broadcasts several events in support of Scottish Independence. You can find the video here:

The Catalan National Assembly is a grassroots organisation that unites more than 80,000 people from all parts of Catalan society, including different ideologies, religions and nationalities. We work on a voluntary basis for a common cause: to win Catalonia’s independence in a completely peaceful and democratic way.


Catalan President calls for an independence referendum the 1st of October

Catalonia will held a referendum for independence on Sunday 1st of October as Catalan President Carles Puigdemont just announced this morning. Catalan people are called to the polling stations to answer to the question: “Would you like Catalonia to be an independent country in the form of a Republic?”


Catalan President announced the date and question of the referendum in front of all the membres of Catalan government and the 72 members of Parliament in favour of independence that represent an overal majority of the Parliament.

Catalonia will be helding this referendum even it has not been possible to reach an agreement with the Spanish government. Puigdemont said that it has been impossible to reach this agreement even they have tried several times but the answer was “always no”.

Catalan President considered his government has the mandate to call for this referendum because that is what people voted for in the last Catalan elections celebrated the 27th of September of 2015. Puigdemont assured that Catalonia has the right of self-determination and they are going to exercise it with this referendum.

This is going to be the first independence referendum ever held in Catalonia. Since 2010 millions of Catalan people have been campaigning to ask for a referendum to decide if Catalonia should or should not be an independent country.

Several polls have shown that Independence referendum has the support of 80% of population and it has received also the support of the majority of Catalan Parliament, Catalan Government and several organisations like Catalan National Assembly, Ommium Cultural and Associació de Municipis per la Independència.

Precisely this three organisations have prepared an act on defence of the referendum and democracy in Barcelona. During this act, Manchester’s City manager Pep Guardiola will read a manifest in support of the right to vote of Catalan people.

ANC-Scotland hands over a petition to the First Minister of Scotland to support the vote in Catalonia

On Tuesday 4th November ANC-Scotland has presented at the Scottish Government a petition signed by 344 citizens resident in Scotland to support the right of the Catalan people to hold a vote on its own political future.

Handing petition to Scottish Government

Handing petition to Scottish Government

Following the Scottish referendum, the parliament and the people of Catalonia are determined at solving the political conflict through an open public debate and a democratic vote. However, despite the great support that this vote holds among society (including 80% of the parliament, 96% of the municipalities, 80% of population according to various polls, the high levels of mobilisation) the Spanish government is determined to block it at all costs.

9th of November was the date agreed between Catalan political parties, responding to the explicit popular demand. Last September a Catalan law ruling popular consultations was passed to back the non-binding vote. The Spanish government used the Constitutional court to suspend this law and thus stop this consultation. This is why the Catalan government decided to make this consultation not through a referendum but by a so-called citizenship participation process. This is what Catalans are called on the 9th November: to freely participate and give the opinion on a very particular matter; the form, responding the same clear question on ballot boxes (although this format will obviously not allow an electoral register). However, after the increasing acceptance of the Catalan society on this alternative consultation (even clearly not the preferred) has motivated the Spanish government to suspend this process through the Constitutional court again.

The petition presented to the First Minister is part of a global campaign to gather support for a democratic vote in Catalonia. The same text of the petition is being signed all over the world. The signatories believe that the Catalan people have the right to be consulted on a democratic vote on whether Catalonia should remain part of Spain or should and independent country; that this decision need only be taken by the Catalan population; and that the Catalan society have explicitly and unequivocally demanded this vote. As the Spanish government fails at recognising this right, internationalisation is very important and the signatories thus petition to support the holding of the vote and to make the required efforts to ensure that its result is respected with the principles of democracy.

Catalans and Scots in Glasgow gather in support of Catalan vote

Around 80 people, including Catalans and Scots have gathered on Sunday 2nd November to form a human mosaic of the Catalan flag, in a supportive demonstration to the right of the Catalan people to have a vote on its own future.

George Square, Glasgow, has been the place chosen for the organisation of a human mosaic to form a Estelada (pro-independence Catalan flag). The event was co-organised by ANC-England and ANC-Scotland (branches in these countries of the Catalan association working for Catalonia’s independence). Within the participants there was a fair split of Catalans living in Glasgow and Scots who gave a very strong support to the democratic difficulty that Catalonia is facing. The event happened smoothly and conveyed a very respectful and positive message; from “volem votar” (we want to vote) catalans have tuned a decisive “votarem” (we will vote), and George Square also heard some “let them vote” and “independence” shouts.

Register to participate in the human mosaic of Estelada flag at Glasgow

Deadline for registering to the estelada mosaic is extended to the very last minute: to Friday 31st October.

Thank you to all who have already registered, we are already 50 but need to be many more to make the event a success.

We will be contacting you during this week, but that is final: if we are not able to gather enough people we’ll be forced to cancel the event.

Please do spread the word.

Human mosaic to form Estelada flag at Glasgow

On the morning of Sunday 2nd November ANC-England and ANC-Scotland will coordinate the organisation of a human mosaic to form a Estelada (Catalan) flag. To make it a big success, we need the participation of at least 100 people. Register here to make it happen!

Participants will gather at George Square at Glasgow, and form the mosaic. Each participant will hold a cardboard.

The aim of the activity is to gather support for DEMOCRACY. On the 9th November Catalans are called to a lawful, non-binding consultation on their future, which the Spanish government is to block. Catalans need the international support to let democracy solve the conflict, as Spain fails at recognising the right to self-determination.

Petition to the First Minister of Scotland for the vote in Catalonia

Foreign assemblies of ANC are coordinating a petition to the leaders of nations of the world to support the right of the citizens of Catalonia to be consulted about the political status of their country in a free and fair vote. ANC-Scotland will send the petition and signatures to the First Minister of Scotland. If you are a national of Scotland or resident in Scotland you may sign the petition.

To sign the petition:

We believe in Democracy. Do you?


Text of the petition:

The Scottish independence referendum has shown that the best and fairest way to make crucial political decisions is an open public debate followed by a democratic vote.

In accordance with the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia and the Catalan Popular Consultation Act, the Catalan Parliament has decided to hold a non-binding vote to consult Catalan citizens on whether Catalonia should become an independent state. Under the mandate of Parliament and in compliance with these laws, the President of the Generalitat (the Catalan head of government) has called for the vote on November 9.

Despite the lawful and legitimate decisions by the Catalan institutions and the wide support among the Catalan population (between 75-80% according to various polls), the Spanish government is adamantly opposed to this vote on that or any future date, and it is determined to stop it at all costs.

We firmly support the right of the citizens of Catalonia to be consulted about the political status of their country in a free and fair vote. Whether Catalonia remains a part of the Spanish state or becomes an independent and sovereign state is a decision that need only be taken by the Catalan population.

We therefore entreat all interested parties to facilitate the holding of a vote, where all adult Catalan citizens, without distinction of gender, age, creed or origin should be allowed to express freely their preference on whether Catalonia should or should not become an independent state.

We believe that the option chosen by the majority of Catalans should be accepted by all parties and the international community, as a democratic expression of the will of the Catalan people.

Thus, we petition to support the holding of this vote and to make all necessary efforts to ensure that its result is respected in accordance with the most fundamental principles of democracy.

Scotland will host a Catalan V

We are ready for independence. This is the message that the 2014 Catalan National Day demonstration will send to the world. And the channel will be to form a giant human V in Barcelona. Just like 2013 Catalan Way, international V’s are also being organised, and Edinburgh will host one on August the 30th at 4pm at Calton Hill.

We will make the “V” to claim for Vote for Catalans referendum, happening in November 9th. A V for Vote, a V for Will (Voluntat), a V for Way (Via) towards independence, will aim at showing the majority will of the Catalans of ruling their own future. The V in Edinburgh will give the Catalans living in Scotland the opportunity to take part of it, but also will give Scots supporting Catalan independence a chance to show this support.

Get ready for the event, join us to build a human “V” and take your place in the history!

Even everyone can simply show up at the day of the event, organisers ask and strongly recommend to register for participation. This can be done in 10 seconds at and will highly facilitate organisation.

Ara és l’hora!


Two Barcelona boulevards will form a giant V for “Vote” and “Victory” on Catalonia’s next National Day

• The group’s “absolutely peaceful and radically democratic” road map toward independence was approved unanimously

In her closing speech, Catalan National Assembly (ANC) president, Carme Forcadell, recalled that “before we are independentists, we are democrats, and we want to vote. And we will vote!” Forcadell added that “we will not give up on the referendum, because it is our dignity which hangs in the balance”.  She remarked that for the ANC, “the ballot boxes are essential.”

The ANC president insisted that “we are not against anyone, we are just exercising our sovereignty as a people” and that independence was the opportunity “to make a better country for everyone, no matter where they come from, what language they speak, or what they think. For everyone.”

Forcadell also asked that ANC members vote in the upcoming European elections for parties that support the November 9th referendum on independence, to which she said “together, we are invincible”. “We have been waiting for this moment for three hundred years and we know we are going to win,” she said to a standing ovation.

• The ANC announced its plans for mobilizations on Catalonia’s National Day 2014: decentralized events in the morning and a huge demonstration in the country’s most important streets: Barcelona’s Diagonal and Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, which meet at Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes

The Catalan National Assembly (ANC), during its annual General Assembly that took place in Tarragona with more than 7000 people, announced the mobilizations that it has organized for Catalonia’s National Day on September 11, 2014: a panorama of events that culminate with a massive demonstration on Barcelona’s two most important streets: Avinguda Diagonal and Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, which meets at Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes. This street configuration means that the demonstrators will form a huge “V for Via (Way), for Voluntat (Will), for Votar (Vote), and for Victòria (Victory)”. The demonstration will help the world “instantly grasp the massive expression of the will of the Catalan people,” explained Ferran Civit, who is a member of the ANC’s Governing Board.

The demonstration will be accompanied by mosaics, in order to send a clear message to the world. During the summer, mosaics will be created in each of the regions in which the ANC is organized to call the attention of world leaders who hold the key to Catalonia’s recognition as a new State. The objective of this kind of event is that each week “an international power—both its diplomatic corps as well as its communication media—will feel that it is being called upon” as Governing Board member Noemí Morral explained.

During the morning of the National Day (Diada) itself, there will also be demonstrations in front of town and city halls in which a majority of the groups support the political process that the country is going through. These declarations will then be brought to the Catalan Parliament in Barcelona in the afternoon.


The demonstrations, however, will not conclude on September 11th, because we “must keep the demonstration going until November 9th” so that we win a “resounding Yes-Yes vote”, said Governing Board member Montserrat Rossell. From September 12th until November 7th, the ANC will hold events every day from 17:14 (5:14pm) until 20:14h (8:14pm) in order to design “the country that we want” that is “everyone’s country” at the same time. (The time is symbolic: Catalonia lost its self-government to the Bourbons on September 11, 1714.) One of these events will be the closing ceremony of the Sign up to Vote for Independence campaign, in which the collected signatures will be officially presented to the Catalan Parliament.

The General Assembly also included a vote on the unanimously approved road map. A road map that, as ANC Vice President, Jaume Marfany, explained is “absolutely peaceful and radically democratic” and contemplates the various scenarios that may develop over the coming months. The Management Report of the Governing Board was approved by a vote of 3,253 in favor, 14 against, and 32 blank. The Financial Report was approved by a vote of 3,134 votes in favor, 105 against, and 92 blank. The Budget was approved with 3,103 votes in favor, 52 against, and 98 blank, and the convocation of elections for next May 10 with 3,198 votes in favor, 24 against, and 54 blank.

Collaboration with Òmnium Cultural and the Association of Municipalities for Independence

The General Meeting also featured the Vice President of the Association of Municipalities for Independence (AMI) and of Òmnium Cultural. The president of Òmnium, Muriel Casals, announced that “this September 11th, we will put on a big, special, free, innovative musical concert in an open space that will project the best of our culture to the world and that will serve to put the finishing touches on a festive and activist day which will culminate in the definitive launch toward the referendum on November 9th”.


The giga picture of the 2013 Catalan Way has been published

  • The Catalan National Assembly will announce the mobilisation for the 2014 National day of Catalonia on the next 5th April General Convention

The ANC has published the giga picture of the Catalan Way: The gigapixel picture (made of 107.000 pictures) covers the 250 miles length in which more than 1.6 million people held their hands from the North to the South of the country, and will show the participants on the first row of the human chain. Also, a short video has been edited showing the date and encouraging all participants to find their place in Catalan history and .

5th April, new mobilisation for 11th September 2014 to be announced during the General ANC Convention in Tarragona

The Catalan National Assembly (ANC) is celebrating on 5th of April its second general convention, where the ANC’s full members will vote the association’s roadmap for the next year. The event will take place at Tarraco Arena (c/ Mallorca, 18) in Tarragona from 10:00am. The Management Report of the National Secretariat will also be voted and approved during the event.

The ANC is prepared to start a momentous year, in which Catalans will vote and decide freely their political future. Over the next months, the ANC will work towards spreading the reasons for the Sí+Sí with the final goal of increasing the current pro-independence majority.

Following the announcement of the rally for the 2012 National day of Catalonia at the Constituent Assembly held at Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona on the 10th March 2012, and the announcement of the Catalan Way for the 2013 National day of Catalonia at the first General Convention held in Girona on 16th March 2013, the ANC will announce on 5th April the mobilisation that will take place on 11th September 2014.

The aim of the Catalans: a referendum on independence on 9 November 2014.

On September 11th 2012, Catalonia’s National Day, 1.5 million people marched to demand independence. A year later, with the same goal, more than 1.6 million Catalans made a 400 km human chain, tracing all the territory from north to south, known as the Catalan Way (Via Catalana). The Catalan National Assembly (ANC), the organizer of this great social movement, is a grassroots, transversal and unitary organization whose objective is the independence of the Catalan nation by peaceful and democratic means

The will of the Catalan people, expressed through these and other actions in recent months achieved, on December 12th last year, an important step forward by the political parties. The President of the Catalan Government, Artur Mas, accompanied by representatives of 60% of the political forces of the Parliament of Catalonia, announced that on 9 November 2014 the Catalans would vote in a referendum with a double question:

       1. Do you want Catalonia to become a State? And if so,

       2. Do you want it to be an independent State?

A large part of Catalonia’s citizens have been claiming, for the past few years, the right to decide its destiny, with the support of 77 % of the Parliament of Catalonia, which had already declared in favour of the Catalan people being consulted, although the Spanish government has blocked the possibility of a referendum being held by the 7.5 million Catalans to vote democratically on their future. The Catalan government has found five different ways to legally channel the demands of the Catalan people to exercise their right to vote, but the Spanish government is not willing to discuss any of them.

The oficial poll by the Opinion Study Centre (CEO) from March 2014 reveals that 74% of citizens think the future of the country needs to be decided on a referendum (p.27), and that 60% support the Independence of Catalonia.

The year 2014, during which the Scottish referendum will be held, also marks the commemoration of 300 years since Catalonia lost its freedom.